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What does it mean to study a language and live in Japan and other parts of Asia? And what does this say about how these places are changing in our world today? Shizuoka Speaks is a grant-funded podcast series investigating the topic of language learning and culture from various personal perspectives–teachers and students, Japanese and foreigners, English speakers and Japanese speakers. Each week we explore a different theme related to this topic–to see what people in Shizuoka have to say. Stay tuned!

When Your Parents Face a Disaster

March 11, 2011, was a day that changed Japan forever. To commemorate the one year anniversary, Shizuoka Speaks brings you a special piece, straight from those who know the people and places affected most intimately. Those who call northeastern Japan home.

But they weren’t at home when the earthquake and tsunami hit.

Harumi Wood, born and raised in Miyagi Prefecture, now lives in Canada. Her parents were still near Sendai when the tsunami and earthquake hit.

Kei Sato is a photojournalist from Tohoku, now living in Tokyo. He was on assignment in Zambia on March 11, 2011.

They tell their story.

With heartfelt thanks to our editorial consultant Chris Benderev, who produced this story.

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