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Today, for our last episode, we hope to bring all the different topics of the series full circle. Knowing what we know now, what does the future hold for Japan? And why is it important to pay attention to what foreigners have to say about it?…and what Japanese people who have been abroad have to say?

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For this week’s episode, we catch up with Manasi, from India, Phan, from Vietnam, and Ria, from Indonesia, to find out more about how they’ve changed since coming to Japan. What can their experiences teach us about the influence of study abroad? And what can THAT hint to us about the role that study abroad might play for Japanese students?

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What can Japanese history and culture teach us about the way Japanese people think about English and the rest of the world? And what can we learn from that?

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For this week’s episode, we talk more about Japanese attitudes toward foreigners…and how their views about English may influence that perspective. What do we mean? Have a listen to find out.

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Now that we know much about Japanese and English, what’s it like to actually LIVE in Shizuoka City? We talk with Manasi, from India, Ria, from Indonesia, and Phan, from Vietnam, about their experiences studying abroad.

“gakusei” = がくせい = 学生 = “student”

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How do people REALLY feel about Japan? How does it compare with other countries in Asia? We hear from Shizuoka natives Kotomi and Susan, as well as Manasi, from India, Ria, from Indonesia, and Phan, from Vietnam.

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Where do Japanese ideas of “ideal English” and its speakers come from? This week, we explore this topic from the perspectives of a Japanese student who has studied abroad in the Philippines and an Indian student studying in Shizuoka.

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This week, we talk with Japanese language teachers as they reveal some of the personal struggles and experiences they face in their jobs.

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We know a little bit about English language education in Japan. But what’s it like in other Asian countries? And what does that say about how the world is using English? To find out, we talk with students from Indonesia, Vietnam, and India, as well as a Japanese student who studied abroad in the Philippines.

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We’ve talked with foreign students who are studying Japanese in Shizuoka City and heard about how students from different countries learn. But what’s life like for bicultural students studying in Japanese public schools? How do they find balance with their two cultures while living and studying in Shizuoka City?

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